LID Part 2: A.D.I.D.A.S.


I recently attended the North Carolina Low Impact Development Summit held in Raleigh, NC, where I learned, among many things, that the faculty and students at NC State made shirts that turned ADIDAS into an acronym: All Day I Dream About Stormwater.  While I don’t ADIDAS, I do have a passion for the topic of LID, and wanted to share some of what I learned at the summit. READ MORE

Judgement Day: Five Takeaways from a Store Design Competition


Sitting on a panel and reviewing leading design submissions from around the globe is a tremendous privilege – lots to be inspired by and plenty to learn from. I recently had the opportunity to chair the judging for the 43rd International Store Design Competition, which celebrates exceptional global retail design projects in over 20 categories from full-line department stores to manufacturer’s showrooms.

Five best practices rose to the surface throughout this judging process that may be of benefit to you or someone you know who is preparing for a competition: READ MORE

Eweek: Girls put the “G” in Engineer


This week is National Engineers Week, or Eweek for short.  Part of Eweek is introducing girls to STEM careers.  So I asked the women in our Engineering and Land Development Studios to take part in a Q&A and offer their insight about why they pursued a STEM career, their school experience, and how we can increase the number of women in STEM fields.


Three Trimesters and the Birth of a Website

The birth of a website

Some people say there is no such thing as an ugly baby. Others say that some babies have a face that only a mom could love. With children of my own, I remember being pregnant and having nightmares of the latter. Of course, after the pregnancies were over the dreams stopped (thankfully, no ugly babies to report).

That is until I started managing the development and design of Little’s new website.


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What is the future of Healthcare?

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“Where will your hospital be making money in 5 years?” “I have no idea.” This recent exchange took place with a long term friend and client as we discussed the changes happening in healthcare. I’ve been involved with the planning and design of healthcare facilities for 28 years and find the whole industry fascinating. Tour a hospital on any given day and you will witness a range of emotions and personal drama that you will rarely see anywhere. From the excitement and joy of child birth to the helplessness of a new mom and dad anguishing over their child in a neonatal intensive care unit, the realities of life are always present in a hospital. READ MORE

A New Year, A New Reason to Celebrate

2014 is a big year for Little.  Wishing everyone many reasons to celebrate this year.

Getting ~Furry~ in Here!


Little supports many great causes that usually are specific to each office.  However, last month the Movember cause gave us the ability to raise awareness (and even a little bit of money) across our footprint.  It was furry, and at times ugly, but it was all in the name of awareness for Men’s Health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.


This is Your Brain on Space: Architecture & Neurology

feature image and thumbnail image

This post was co-authored by the very talented Chris Penndorf.

As designers and facility managers we are responsible for the environment that we keep. In order to make those environments effective, we need to understand the organisms that we’re designing for: HUMANS. Chances are we’re not really thinking of architecture in terms of how it relates to the human body and even more importantly, the human brain. READ MORE

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