Hybridity: When Unlikely Typologies Collide

JT Graphic

This summer, I spoke at NeoCon World’s Trade Fair about exploring what happens when unlikely typologies and unprecedented ideas collide. Since then, I’ve begun diving even deeper in understanding the complexities of today’s world, our cities and how architecture can play a role in warping pure building types to create new and experiential solutions born from the intersection of innovation and unorthodox combinations and ideas related to “place”.  I’d like to start a blog series to talk about Hybridity, why it’s important to our future and share some examples of those embracing this concept around the world, why it’s relevant and how the possibilities of the modern city and of urban places, realized through this new found freedom of invention, becomes endless. READ MORE

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Moments of Learning

“I believe innovation is our destiny and must be part of a corporate culture.”   – Gary Shapiro

Innovation, Failure and Corporate Culture, the title of a recent article in Forbes, made me reflect on what it means to take risks, to fail, to be – dare we say – vulnerable in the pursuit of Innovation. READ MORE

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Thoughts on a Memory Palace

Therme Vals, Peter Zumthor

In this digital world full of visual noise and fast-paced bombardment of pictorial architecture, comprehension of the architectural experience is largely being directed by the latest style, prevailing taste and trend.  The “phenomenological truth” has become provisional based on the desire to build iconographic “paper” architecture; much of what is built now is too tepid to be remembered. READ MORE

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