Guide to Easier Living

I recently came across the book Guide to Easier Living by Mary and Russel Wright. Originally printed in the 1950’s it provides a glimpse into domestic life of that period while also presenting strategies for simpler living. The Russel Wright Design Center notes that the book “offered readers a declaration of independence from convention, rejecting the dogma of ‘etiquette despots’ like Emily Post. Defining the way Americans live even today, Russel and Mary Wright wrote, ‘Good informal living substitutes a little headwork for a lot of legwork. It doesn’t need wealth, but it does take thought, some ingenuity and resourcefulness, and more than a little loving care to create a home that is really your own.’ ”


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The Power of Community, Part II: Motomethod


Located in Vancouver, Canada, this repair shop is not like your local mechanic. Instead of just sitting in a drab waiting room, you can watch the work as it is completed and feel free to ask the mechanic questions. If you are feeling brave, you also have the option of working on your bike at their shop for an annual fee. All of the shop tools, lifts, and parts are available to you, just as if you were another employee. The local technicians are always on hand in case you need some help or advice. READ MORE

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The Power of Community, Part One: CrossFit

Photo source: Eastside Crossfit

You have probably driven by quite a few Crossfit gyms, potentially without having any idea as to what they are. In the simplest terms, it is a back-to-basics exercise regimen. But in many ways it is a lot more than just a place to work out. People from all walks of life come together and do workouts as a group, not individually. These group workouts can be competitive, but at the same time CrossFit members are known for cheering each other on throughout the workout and for celebrating each other’s progress. READ MORE

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