Musings of a Second Year Teacher


No, this isn’t Helen…or her class. (Photo courtesy of Lake Wales Public Library Archives)

Meet Helen*, an engaging twenty something with a refreshing enthusiasm for teaching, who knows she can make a difference and is determined to do so. Helen is a member of the Teach for America corps and has been assigned to a school in rural eastern North Carolina. While she had no prior teaching experience or degree in a directly related field before embarking on this admirable endeavor in the fall of 2011, she was homeschooled through eighth grade (before attending public high school and college) and has five younger siblings…an education in and of itself! READ MORE

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A “Type A” Girl in a Retail World

Source: m. sinjela

A double-edged sword. A blessing and a curse. Call it what you may, but having a Type A personality can make you crazy.

The extent of my Type A-ness became more apparent after college when, living on my own for the first time, a neighbor commented on the extreme orderliness of my apartment. It was just (very) tidy in my opinion, but her immediate ‘are you for real?!’ facial expression needed no accompanying verbal commentary. READ MORE

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