Brand is as Brand Does

Much has been made about what a brand is or is not. Was it borne out of necessity, to differentiate a mass commodity in the aftermath of the industrial revolution or an artificial construct to generate affiliation to a group or idea? Whatever you think about what Brand is, it is undeniable that our behaviors –by proaction or reaction– are influenced by them. I’m constantly reminded of this when my 2 year old tells me he has seen my brand of car (or mommy’s brand) on the road. How did he learn to recognize them so easily? READ MORE

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The Inventables!


Most creative people have a strong impulse to tinker and experiment. We are always trying to concoct new ideas. We mix-and-match, stir and roll, push and pull different ingredients just to see what happens. This experimentation is an integral part of any creative endeavor, but sometimes it’s challenging to find the raw materials for our creative stews. READ MORE

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