What’s in a Name, Anyway?


So what do the 3 logos above have in common? When you see them you instantly recognize which school it is, and what characteristics come with that. It’s a promise or guarantees that if you come to that school you will walk away with a quality education.

With North Carolina lifting the cap on charter schools, there has been a large influx in schools of choice for parents and families. So what will be the difference between the ones that succeed and the ones that don’t? A strong administration is typically the key to bringing success. But how do you ensure that the strong beliefs and goals from the administration are translated into everything students, parents and teachers do daily? READ MORE

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School and Community Engagement: Conference Recap

Recently, I attended the NC Education Summit on School & Community Engagement in Greensboro, NC. It was my first time attending this event and I found the sessions informative and enlightening. A few highlights of what I heard include: READ MORE

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Teaching Digital Citizenship

Back to School for most means buying supplies, excitement of new classes and meeting new friends. For others it can be a filled with tremendous social anxiety.

Remember the fashionable awkward years of a bad perm your mom gave you, coupled with braces and glasses? Maybe that was just me, but even if it seemed like the end of the world then, they are now funny memories that I look back on and can laugh about. However, what if instead they were images that were talked about, emailed to friends, posted on Facebook, tweeted, blogged about and in the digital world forever? READ MORE