Daydreaming at 15mph


If it was too cold, too hot, too windy, and definitely if it was raining, I wasn’t going. That was my attitude for years when deciding if I was going to head out on my bicycle. But, something changed this past year and I’ve become just shy of obsessed with road cycling.


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So…You Wanna Be an Architect?

A few months ago I came across a blog post on Design Intelligence (one of my favorite blogs) about the University of Hartford setting up a student studio in the office space of a local architectural firm. What started off as an opportunity for a growing graduate school to use some excess space in a firm leftover from the effects of the recession, turned into an opportunity to possibly rethink how architecture education could be enhanced through an immersive experience. This idea was/is very appealing to me, but unfortunately I thought the article was more slanted toward the benefit to the students and it missed almost entirely how the firm could also benefit beyond filling vacant lease space. READ MORE

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Just Diagram It

My sketchbooks

I like to draw. Most architects do, but I’ve enjoyed art from an early age and learned to oil paint from my grandmother who lived next door to me when I was in grade school. Some grandmother’s homes smelled like cookies; mine smelled like linseed oil.So, I wasn’t one of those kids who took the Legos or Lincoln Log route to architecture that you hear about. As a kid I went to art camp (which was probably second on the “dork” list to band camp). In college, I only found architecture after taking my first drafting class and transferred into architecture from graphic design (thinking it was a better career choice). READ MORE