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Innovations Award for Visual Merchandising by Kikki.K, London, United Kingdom

Our Brand Experience Studio recently curated a collection of stores that identify emerging global retail trends, referencing benchmark projects conceived at the intersection of visionary and ambitious thinking. The examples explore innovative and award-winning approaches, technologies and materials that make up todays retail environments and we invite you to view the presentation online. Before you do, a little background and some highlights on the Retail Design Institute’s 45th International Store Design Competition & Gala celebrating those influencing our Industry …


Our 2016 Virtual Guide to New York’s Best Retail



Who would have thought it – a Brit, living in California, guiding hundreds of visitors around NYC. For the second year in a row, I was invited to present at NRF’s 105th Annual Convention & EXPO last month. The event boasts more than 33,500 attendees, miles of EXPO, mind-bending technology and dozens of thought-leadership sessions. I took the opportunity to invite three retail brands to join me on stage – Chris Derringer, IT Leader at Microsoft Retail, Nick Stowe, CEO of Nixon and Jonathan Luster, Vice President Market and Concept Development at Lowes, each offering our attendees a unique perspective and insight. READ MORE

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Judgement Day: Five Takeaways from a Store Design Competition


Sitting on a panel and reviewing leading design submissions from around the globe is a tremendous privilege – lots to be inspired by and plenty to learn from. I recently had the opportunity to chair the judging for the 43rd International Store Design Competition, which celebrates exceptional global retail design projects in over 20 categories from full-line department stores to manufacturer’s showrooms.

Five best practices rose to the surface throughout this judging process that may be of benefit to you or someone you know who is preparing for a competition: READ MORE

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Experience Design

I’ve always been inquisitive by nature and while I’m a far cry from an ‘extreme adventurer’ I have a wanderlust where I’ve always sought out new experiences. I was reminded of one such experience when having dinner at the DDI Forum’s Design Awards ceremony the other week in Napa Valley. Sitting next to the Senior Global Director of Creative Services for Timberland – I was recounting the story of my very first pair of Timberland boots.


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Diamonds In The Rough

Student Design Challenge

I first developed an interest in design in the well-equipped metal and woodwork shops of my English childhood schools. This curiosity for how objects and materials are constructed soon developed into a love of detail and form, which later I came to realize, had laid the foundations for the last 20 years of my career. READ MORE