Caution: Trend Bender Ahead


My iPhone alarm goes off.  I open one eye to turn it off.  While still waking up and still horizontal (portrait orientation-lock changed my life), I repeat this ritual: scan my email, a semi-conscious cyclopian student of retail. With zero filters to block the flow of information from directly flooding my neocortex, I thumb through a half dozen retail industry news feeds that say the same thing: Online, Ecomm, Social Media, Big Data…. blah, blah, blah…zzzz. Hit the snooze button for nine more. READ MORE

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It’s Super-Real

Hey, did you see Tintin?

If you did, I hope you agree that it is an awesome step in the evolution of digital cartoons. I took my kids to see it at the theatre and I sat between them to keep the peace. At a particularly energetic passage halfway through the movie, I leaned over to my daughter to my right and whispered, “what do you think?” READ MORE

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The “Smart” Shopper

Years ago, apparel retailer Sy Syms advertised, “… Where an educated consuma is our best customa!” Even with today’s ‘adolescent’ smartphones, I’d bet Mr. Syms would cringe at how educated shoppers can become while standing in front of his racks. Imagine just a few years from now what advancements in both handhelds and apps (that offer more than gimmicks) will do to transform a curious customer’s experience. What would Sy say then? “Oye!” READ MORE

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Trend Acceleration



We are often asked by our clients to help them evolve. Of course we love the challenge! But it is even more challenging these days-perhaps more so than in the past 100 years, the face of retail is changing dramatically. No single catalyst can be identified as a cause, rather a series of semi-coincident events and phenomena have conspired to shift shopping behaviors:


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What is Creativity?


I was recently asked by DDI Magazine to submit a 50 word take on “What is creativity?” …50 words—that’s tough, especially given the breadth of the topic, right? So, naturally I waited until the last minute! “Keep it simple!” said the inner voice… READ MORE

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