The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Dylan, ever the provocateur.  All these years I thought that this was a war protest song, when obviously he was referring to alternative energy sources! I was recently in our LA office and heading the next day to a conference in Palm Springs.  One of my colleagues told me that I’d be driving through a big wind farm.  I asked how large it was and she replied, “It definitely goes on for a while.” READ MORE

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What Does it Look Like?

A sustainable community, that is.

I served on panel last week with the topic of “Building Sustainable Communities”, sponsored by the American Sustainable Business Council. The panel explored the components that comprise a healthy community and economy, and how public policy encourages or inhibits the outcome. As the architect on the panel comprised primarily of entrepreneurs and leaders in various corporate and non-profit sectors, I was tasked with exploring the physical components that foster vibrant sustainable communities. READ MORE

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How Green Was My Valley?

How Green Was My Valley?, 1941 Movie Poster

No, I’m not talking about the iconic 1941 movie that beat out better known competition, including Citizen Kane and The Maltese Falcon, to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.  I’m talking about the sustainable legacy that each of us will leave at the end of our careers. 

How green will the valley be at the end of my watch?


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