On the Road with the Immersive LearningScape

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to present a topic that I’m really passionate about at two conferences. What began as a thought leadership exploration a couple of years ago about how learning spaces can better adapt to the multitudes of pedagogies and learning methods being used today has led to white papers, articles and multiple speaking engagements focused on a new learning environment I’ve written about here called the Immersive LearningScape. READ MORE

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United States of Disengaged Students?


The map above strikes me as disturbing.

If you think about it, according to this map, we (as a system) are failing 25% of our K-12 grade children.

This is what the numbers say, but if you were to dig deeper, how many students are passing with C averages? B averages? Students with C and B averages are passing, but only understanding 75% to 85% of what they are supposed to know. Is that efficacy in teaching and learning? How do we measure whether kids are actually absorbing what we teach them? Why are students not excelling in school? READ MORE

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Immersive Learning-what?

USS Sturgeon

Have you ever thought about how do you best learn? Where? When?

These are questions that drive me to design educational environments, to research about the brain and its development, to understand what facilitates or impedes in our learning process, to understand how teachers teach and how students learn best, how technology affects and will change the way we learn, and how does the design of a learning environment impact and is impacted by those matters. READ MORE