Workplace Transformation is a Journey!


This fall, our Charlotte office capped off our Five Wines Workplace Series with a champagne toast. As we explored our previous Fine Wines topics – Wellbeing, Return on Innovation, Flexibility, Mobility, and Culture, it was clear that leading, managing, and communicating change is paramount to the future of workplace. Our September presentation focused on that subject and highlighted simple strategies that can reduce apprehension and encourage and support the journey!


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The Optimized Workplace: Space Strategy

Connecting the Dots


As we finish The Optimized Workplace series, it is fitting to wrap up with a discussion about space strategy and it impacts to the physical environment. It seems like for as long as we have been talking about the workplace, our clients have always been looking for ways to “optimize”, drive down costs, engage, attract and retain employees through their real estate portfolio planning. Today and looking towards the future is no different, except our industry has become more knowledgeable and insightful on best practices that influence how organizations can apply space strategy. Space continues to be one of the highest overhead costs for our clients. Organizations are moving towards a more dynamic planning approach that is constantly looking at the most efficient and effective space use.


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The Optimized Workplace: Technology Strategy

Data storage concept illustration

Our industry research and dialogue continues to trend towards the significance of technology influence on every aspect of our lives. As we explore a robust technology strategy in the Optimized Workplace, below are a few metrics that promote this concept: READ MORE

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The Optimized Workplace: People Strategy


Today’s “optimized workplace” is a response to the continued influx of dynamic technology, the immersion of future generations, and a multitude of economic drivers facing businesses. The evolution of one dimensional metrics, standardization, and densification is now targeting a more harmonious approach that looks far past the physical space. This balanced ecosystem addresses three key components that when working collectively, can provide results beyond architecture. READ MORE

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Are you ready to work?

I am sure at one point or another, in life or career, you have asked yourself…”What is my passion? What should I truly be doing in this life?” This is a common discussion I continue to have with my professional peers as well as my closest friends and family. Perhaps your passion is exactly what you doing at this moment…career, family, hobbies etc. or maybe it is not. As I work through my own personal journey and ask this question to myself, I have come to one conclusion that I believe is a common denominator to all. Finding that issue, belief that you are passionate about doesn’t mean that the “work” is done. READ MORE

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