Steps for Successful Team Building, Part One


Fortune magazine recently solicited input for an article being written about hiring young talent, which is titled “Five Steps to Find (and Keep) Young Stars” and appears in the July 1st issue. The piece is authored by Verne Harnish, who penned one of my favorite books, “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.” Since I was in the middle of interviewing for a graduate structural engineer opening, I had plenty to offer! READ MORE

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If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put a LID On It…

LID. In Beyonce’s world, it probably stands for Lovely Irresistible Denim. But in our world, it stands for Low Impact Development. It was the subject of an all-day seminar I co-presented in Florida last week with a college professor of mine. And no, it’s not just for the single ladies… READ MORE

Ask Not What Your Profession Can Do For You….

It’s National Engineers Week, or EWeek for short, and one of the goals of EWeek is encouraging engineers to volunteer year round to inspire youth to be engineers. These days, it seems much easier said than done… READ MORE

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So, What Would You Say…You Do Here?

Being one of the newest kids on the block at has its advantages. I can ask not-so-smart questions (some might call them dumb, which I don’t take personally) and get away with it – at least for a month or so. Of course my intent is to learn as much as I can about my peers, the industries and markets we operate in, and most importantly, the clients we serve before tackling the exciting opportunities that lie ahead of me. READ MORE