Can Structural Engineers Play a Role in Fine Art?


Or, even more of a stretch, can structural engineers help artists engage communities while improving the environment?

That’s exactly what the McColl Center for Art + Innovation is doing and I’m pleased that we at Little are their technical arm, providing engineering and permitting services.

The McColl Center’s Environmental Artist-in-Residency program creates an avenue for artists to engage and enrich local communities through environmental art – unique art installations that improve the environment, with the help of the community. Many of their current artist residencies are directed towards Brightwalk in Charlotte (just north of town at the intersection of LaSalle and Statesville), “a new community in Charlotte’s North End that’s all about conserving precious resources – your time, energy and money – while fending off nature deficit disorder”. READ MORE

September 30th, 2015 | 1 Comment | Beyond Architecture
Of Bill, Engineering, and an Old Department Store

Photo Credit:Ackroyd Photography

I started at Little just weeks before our founder, Bill Little, passed away, and I was disappointed not to have met him in person. And yet in many ways I have both met him and begun to know him. I see his influence throughout the company – in our vision, our values, our passions, and our people.

The way in which everyone at Little has responded to Bill’s passing shows how much he was truly loved. He devoted himself to investing in people and listening to his clients. He left a legacy that still lives in the company today, in “Results Beyond Architecture” and in the company’s drive to develop breakthrough ideas that both improve the performance of our clients and create a better future for us all. READ MORE