Operation Museum Takeover: Recap

Last August, we announced our involvement in the Year of the Engineer initiative at Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, NC.  After months of planning and preparation and even a dry run at our office, Little took over Discovery Place on April 15, 2018 and we had a blast!


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What Makes a Great Client?

Successful leader

I was recently asked a very simple question that really caught me off guard. While presenting Little Healthcare’s qualifications to a Hospital design and construction department, we were discussing our experience, our clients and the projects that we have developed with these clients.  When we presented our relationship with Conway Medical Center in Conway, South Carolina, I made a quick comment that they are a great client.  We were then asked the very simple question:


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Spark Excitement & Discovery in 2018

For our 2018 New Year’s greeting, we found renewed inspiration in one of our favorite core values. We hope you enjoy watching and have a happy new year.

Spark Excitement & Discovery in 2018 from Little in Motion on Vimeo.


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Workplace Transformation is a Journey!


This fall, our Charlotte office capped off our Five Wines Workplace Series with a champagne toast. As we explored our previous Fine Wines topics – Wellbeing, Return on Innovation, Flexibility, Mobility, and Culture, it was clear that leading, managing, and communicating change is paramount to the future of workplace. Our September presentation focused on that subject and highlighted simple strategies that can reduce apprehension and encourage and support the journey!


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Operation Museum Takeover


Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, NC, has launched the Year of the Engineer.  During the 2017-18 school year, they aim to have 250 engineers create 2,500 unique STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) experiences that will impact 250,000 guests at Discovery Place.  And Little will be playing a big role in helping them achieve those impacts.


The Birth of an Idea

Exploding Light Bulb

An idea can be a powerful thing. Like a seed, it can implant and grow over time, digging deep into its hosts’ psyche and if we’re lucky, growing as fast as the pesky red-tip photinia in my front yard. An idea has the power to change minds, to change history even, and is perfectly capable of sparking innovation under the right circumstances.


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The Power of an Integrated Project Team Process

It is called effective teamworkOver my 30 year career, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects with diverse project teams, complex programs, and challenging schedules – several of which could easily be consider “once in a lifetime” opportunities.  I’ve also been fortunate that many of these projects have been performed in a collaborative team based approach that was an essential component of the successful delivery of these projects. READ MORE

The Symantec Story: Why WELL?

Symantec-0213It’s always extra gratifying when a project you’re working on embodies a personal passion, but when it involves two?!?  That’s an architect’s dream. For me, this happened not too long ago when working on a headquarters renovation for tech giant, Symantec.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, and competing for some of the best and brightest minds in the technology industry, Symantec understood from the very beginning that they would need to find ways to differentiate their workspace from the competition.  Not an easy feat when you’re surrounded by the Googles and Apples of the world. Yet, Symantec realized the power of good design and that they had an opportunity to create an environment that would make a tangible and measurable difference in the lives of their employees.  For us, and our partner firm AP+I, this was music to our ears.  READ MORE

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