“If I Could Tell The Story in Words…”

Saltan Sea

 If I could tell the story in words I wouldn’t need to lug a camera.

– Lewis Hine

 As a photographer, the question for me is, how do I reveal what is here and now? It is always about capturing that moment in a new and unfamiliar way. With that, there is a difference between seeing physiologically and seeing photographically. To know the extent of this difference, and to have the ability to capture something that others do not perceive, is to understand the power of photography for visual experience.

As a compelling story-telling medium, photography transforms the passing moment of a three-dimensional event into a frozen instant, and the event is abstracted. By taking authorship of the frame, the photographer has created his or her own perception of a space, and that space is more real than reality. Roland Barthes exposes photography as “superior to everything the human mind can or can have conceived to assure us of reality, but also this reality is never anything but contingency . . . the contention implies that the photographic image ultimately becomes a more telling and profound presence” than the actual event. The constructed moment of the photograph, as opposed to the fleeting moment of real time, is able to be studied, contemplated, and inferred. With this, there truly are things nobody would see if not through a photograph.




October 17th, 2012 | P.S.

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