Greening the Walls

Source: The Contemporist

Sprouting from the green roof concept, green walls are beginning to show up in all kinds of project types in almost every market.  The idea is to soften the appearance of the façade while also introducing an artistic element onto the building.  These designs are truly evolving works of art because as the plants grow, the design can (and often does) change.  Seasonal foliage changes can make a big difference as well.

The Southern Plaza of Union Square, NYC

We have a new project with a green wall at the Queens University Science Building in Charlotte, N.C.  A collaborative design between the university and Little resulted in a unique design representing a double helix, or DNA strand.  The plants are supported by a metal structure attached to the wall and the plants are in seperate flats or panels that are inserted into the structure. The wall is irrigated with a drip tube system built into the metal support structure.  The green wall becomes a metaphor for the discovery happening inside the building and can easily be changed by replacing any of the existing panels with different plants.

Double helix green wall at Queens University

For more information on green wall construction, check out this site.

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