Site Inspiration

Fields, 2012 24x48

In 2009, after a twelve year hiatus, I returned to painting. My inspiration: construction sites. When I visit the raw echo-y spaces – the air bitter with gypsum and saw dust, the quiet and concentrated work of the anonymous men in their domed hard hats – I am overcome with the desire to capture that moment. Empty space that is about to become a defined PLACE. Over the years, I found myself habitually taking and collecting photographs from site visits, not sure what I was going to do with them…then, when I attended a workshop at Penland School of Art and Craft in the fall of 2009, I took along my box of photos and almost instinctually began a series of paintings of construction sites.

The paintings are generally devoid of figures, or even objects, and sometimes have been referred to as ‘lonely’ or ‘desolate’. But I think of them as quiet and reflective – mainly about space and light. Space and light: two elements that begin to draw the parallel between my fine arts and the design work I do here at Little.

2010, 12x15

So, the next time you are preparing to visit a construction site, especially one filled with delicious raw steel and open concrete floors, think about letting me tag along!


July 2nd, 2012 | P.S.

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