A Little Change, A World of Difference

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One of my favorite things about the holidays is receiving a multitude of greeting cards from friends that proudly display their smiling (or sometimes not-so-smiling) children.  Once the season is over, however, I always wish I had taken more time to enjoy those cards and spent less time occupied by all the hustle and bustle.  It’s for this very reason that Little waits to send its holiday greeting until after the new year.

As part of our 2013 message, Little employees had a unique opportunity to make a difference.  With only $5 each, we challenged ourselves to better the life of someone else and found that we benefited as much, if not more, than the recipients of the small investment. We hope that, if 2013 presents you with an opportunity to be a little kinder, a little more helpful or a little more thoughtful, you’ll seize the chance.  Chances are the impact will be far greater than you ever imagined.


In case you haven’t seen them before, or would like to be even more inspired, here’s a look back at some of the other greetings we’ve done in the past, as told by the super talented designer who helped bring them to life, Nikki Mueller.


From Nikki:

For me, the annual holiday greeting is Little’s Super Bowl commercial. It only happens once a year, everyone sees it (well, everyone in our contacts), we’re compared to our competition and we hope it’s memorable, delightful, creative, to-the-point, well messaged, clear, impactful, clever, inventive, unique (I could go on…) and leaves our audience with a smile.

Since we’ve officially launched our latest holiday scheme (A Little Change, A World of Difference), I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane – a retrospective of the past 6 years, if you will.


2007: The Perpetual Desk Calendar a die cut paper calendar that can be used year after year (by sliding the black grid back an forth each month) thus making it an eco-saavy card.




2008: Taking Turns Giving Back – a rotating wheel filled with 16 ways to give back to your community and be more sustainable.




2009: Happy Renew Year a truly recycled holiday card, over 1,000 used postcards (written on and postmarked dating between 1901 and 1975) were purchased on eBay, screenprinted with “Happy Renew Year, a resolution to reuse,” then mailed to clients in a clear cellophane bag. Apparently, one client was so confounded by the greeting he mailed it back to us and asked how in the world a postcard dated 1955, and addressed to someone else, made it to him.




2010: Wishing You Joy in 2010 For this stop animation short movie, the marketing team pinned up over 2,000 red and white squares in the Charlotte office’s Incubator space. Then, over the course of about an hour, we filmed (aka took many many many still photographs of) various employees taking down the message. Finally, we edited thousands of images into one continuous movie and played in reverse (so it appears as if the employees are constructing the message “Joy in 2010″… not deconstructing it).




2011: Creativity is ContagiousThe creative process is highlighted in this short film. Shot over several days, in several locations, using several people and tools, we documented the creation of a laser cut poster. After clients watched the video they could also enter to win a limited edition laser cut poster.




2012: A Little ThanksLast year, we asked employees to illustrate their gratitude for something “little.” We collected the artwork and created a microsite featuring a video and a gallery of the submissions. Clients were invited to view the site and submit their “little thanks” to be illustrated by a Little employee and added to our gallery.



Happy New Year!

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