Have a Coke and a Smile

From Creative Excellence to Content Excellence – what you say is as important as how you say it.  The same goes for our design efforts – whether Retail, Corporate or Community.

Inside Coca-Cola’s Content 2020: Encourage Bravery. Bring Clarity in our Thinking. Incubate Creative Ideas. And Create a Culture of Creativity.

This sounds pretty familiar to most of us here at Little.  Think about the creation of stories (storytelling) expressed through every possible connection (or consumer/user touch point).

Speaking of connection, our mobile devices demand more from us as consumers, as friends, as co-workers.  Brand messages will continue to compete with our 24/7-always on lifestyles to cut through social media channels. Because of this…content marketing is to become increasingly important. Not just content, but interesting content that begs to be shared socially.

Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola was an early adopter of content marketing, moving from creative excellence in advertising to a drive for content excellence in late 2011. The message: content must be compelling, and should speak about a brand’s values rather than its products. Transparency is essential!

Have 20 minutes or so for the two-part series? Learn more here:

Part One:


Part Two:


While (most) of us are not responsible for developing content or brand messages, this is very relevant throughout the details we place in each and every project. We all have a fingerprint on what we do – be brave, clear, consistent and creative!


(Source: Stylus – August 2013, published by Coca-Cola in 2011)


August 27th, 2013 | Retail Therapy

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