Getting ~Furry~ in Here!


Little supports many great causes that usually are specific to each office.  However, last month the Movember cause gave us the ability to raise awareness (and even a little bit of money) across our footprint.  It was furry, and at times ugly, but it was all in the name of awareness for Men’s Health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.

The mission of Movember is “to have an everlasting impact on men’s health” and the goal is “havin’ fun doin’ good.”  To take part in Movember, men have to grow and groom a mustache for the entire month of November.  It can’t be a beard or a goatee.  The more ridiculous it looks, the better, because it spurs folks to ask you about it which gives you a chance to educate them on the cause.

Our Washington DC office created the team last year, and Mo Brothers from Charlotte and Durham offices joined in this year.  In total, we had 17 guys growing ‘staches.  The team raised almost $450 as well as 450 eyebrows as we walked around our respective offices.  This was an important cause for me because I personally know 3 men who have survived prostate cancer.  So despite the weird looks and funny remarks I received, it wasn’t going to deter me from growing a caterpillar on my lip!

We hope you enjoy the following photos taken at various points during the month.  There’s even one of some Mo Sistas from Durham! We hope you will join us next year, and we thank those who couldn’t wait for the month to be over (especially our wives!).

DC photo 3

The DC Mo Bros: Blake Gilley, Will Norton, Tim Mock, Jay Nelson, Luis Hernandez, and Malak Bahrami


DC photo 4

DUR photo5

The Durham Mo Bros: William Stewart, Will Harrison, Eric Douville, Rob Byers, Geoff Acker, Eric Hawkins, and Laurent de Camarmond



mo sisters 2

Durham Mo Sistas: Christine Coates, Trisha Devers, Jennifer Resch, Ruth Rogers, Allison Jesseph, Brandie Sweany, Tricia Humphries, Rhonda Stone, Connie Drake


Charlotte Mo Bros: Jeff Roman, Eddie Chang, Phil Tackett, and Greg Perry



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