The OC Haute Couture Fashion Show


WE DID IT AGAIN!!! For two years in a row, the California office won 1st place in the annual IIDA (International Interior Design Association) charity event. Each year, the event features a cohesive theme, around which architects, designers and students create custom outfits which are designed using typical interior design finish materials. You may remember last year’s winning entry, Gilligan’s Island!

This year’s theme was ‘Color Theory, A Celebration of Color’ featuring the Fashion and Design Industry’s hottest colors from years past and their impact on the industry, trends and fashion. Little’s wonderful event Sponsors were Shaw and Spinitar – their involvement was a huge part of our team’s success!

At the Fabric Grab, one week prior to the event, Little (Jenny) pulled from a hat ‘Enchanted Emerald’ as our color. Once all design firms had received their color, we all proceeded towards the huge pile of fabric piled in the parking lot ready for the frenzy… fearless Fred used all his might to successfully push and shove to gather all the green fabric he could carry! Now the journey began!

Back at the office, with Jenny Diaz as the team leader, we quickly organized to determine our design concepts and direction. With themes flying and Pinterest images bounding, we collectively focused on the image of the Enchanted Emerald Forest of children’s’ storybooks…. visions of ‘mirror, mirror, on the wall’, the witch that chased Hansel & Gretel, the ruby slippers and the green witch of the North, Little Red Riding Hood in the forest. The storybook forest is full of mystery, intrigue, evil, and fear. We further explored the innocence of being drawn into the storybook forest and representing that transformation through symbolic mirrors and a white cloak of innocence.

After weeks of long nights, burns from glue guns, blisters from scissors cutting leaves from thick commercial fabric, breaking the whole box of sewing needles…. we finished. All Brie had to do was pop in the red contacts and turn on the attitude!

As you can see below, she was a hit! We received a 100% score from the Designer Judge (50% of the total score). The local judges of contractors, brokers, and end users votes made up the remainder 50% of the score – they voted ‘Enchanted Emerald’! Little wins again!



20140417_193714DSC_5992DSCN0748DSC_6040DSC_6046x  DSC_6069 20140417_200150  DSC_6078

April 30th, 2014 | P.S.

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