Back to School


It’s official, summer is over – SCHOOL IS NOW IN SESSION.  As I dropped my kids off in carpool this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder how chaotic households across the nation were coping with the traditions (and stress) of this eventful day.  The obligatory pictures of the kids decked out with new backpacks and shockingly bright sneakers, the last minute panic that some important notebook was somehow forgotten, and yes … the ABSURD amount of traffic you have to endure – all of these fears and celebrations are part of the right of passage into another year.  If you are like me, it was a bittersweet sendoff today … sorry to see my kids growing another year older, yet simultaneously savoring the chance to have the structure of our family schedules restored.

I, too, am facing new beginnings, as I return to Little once again as a member of the Community Practice. Days like today remind me of why I love being a part of this group — because we get the chance to be some small part of this beautiful and awkward chaos that marks the start of another educational journey for faculty, students and parents. I like to think that we help them all on days like today.  .  As architects we have a hand in facilitating a better learning process.  Our solutions to their problems are often generated through an architectural response, but when we get it right, we find that students and teachers speak about the value of these solutions in far different terms.  It’s NOT likely that today is the day they will appreciate the latest collaborative technology in a classroom, or a science lab that will challenge them with new ways of learning. It’s far more likely that these students will appreciate a new hangout spot in the quad, or a better locker location that gives them 30 additional seconds to socialize with their friends between classes.  Whether it’s a modest improvement or a transformative new facility … whatever it is — GAME ON, kids.  Make the most of it, and cherish this new beginning.  I will too.


August 26th, 2014 | Live & Learn

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