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There’s always much debate about tearing down the old and replacing it with new –especially when it’s tied to iconic buildings in our own community. The old Goodyear Auto Service Center building in downtown Charlotte will be demolished in October to make room for Tryon Place, a new mixed-use tower Little is working on with Crescent Communities. In this case, however, the old auto building is not only going out in style, it is breathing new life into a creative community.

Having been a part of Charlotte’s downtown for 50 years, the Goodyear building is serving its last few months celebrating and pushing conversation on Charlotte culture. No longer filled with cars (although there’s still plenty of grease and auto equipment to be seen), the building is now home to the Skyline Artists In Residence program, serving as a place for selected artists to create and showcase their work. The program started in early July and goes through September. Each month, three new artists/artistic groups use the space to create work – tailoring some of the artwork to the space itself.

The first showcase of artwork was held in late July. Open to the public, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to take my children to see a different kind of art gallery. Within the raw and unintimidating space, I think they found the old air tanks once used by some of Charlotte’s best mechanics to be some of the coolest “unofficial” pieces of art. Nonetheless, it seemed like a true destination – a place to gather, celebrate, build culture and, most of all, to honor both old and new. Something I have no doubt, the Tryon Place tower will continue to do in years to come.

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August 14th, 2015 | P.S.

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