Teachers Take a Break from Their Typical Summer Break

Most teachers have the summer off and spend that time NOT thinking about the upcoming school year (I know, I’m married to one.)  But that was not the case for two teachers from Rock Hill Schools in South Carolina, at least for the week they spent at Little on a STEM externship…

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This summer, Little’s Charlotte office hosted Shannon Higgins, a middle school teacher, and Rick Johnson, a high school teacher, from Rock Hill Schools just across the border in South Carolina.  It was part of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Externship program that Rock Hills Schools created to put teachers into industry for a week.  The teachers learn how we use STEM in our professions, and then take what they learn to craft lesson plans so that their students solve real world problems in the classroom.

The great part about Rick and Shannon coming to Little was we were able to provide a very diverse experience, not just in engineering, but architecture and technology too.  They sat with electrical, mechanical, structural and civil engineers and learned about things like power distribution, energy modeling, roof trusses, and stormwater ponds.  They sat with architects and learned about how we design schools and workspaces.  And they saw how our digital media experts create fundraising and marketing videos as well as renderings that look just like photographs.

Speaking of our digital media experts, they interviewed Rick and Shannon at the end of the week to talk about their experiences, and put together this clip:

VIDEO: Extern Experiences at Little 2016


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