The Optimized Workplace: People Strategy


Today’s “optimized workplace” is a response to the continued influx of dynamic technology, the immersion of future generations, and a multitude of economic drivers facing businesses. The evolution of one dimensional metrics, standardization, and densification is now targeting a more harmonious approach that looks far past the physical space. This balanced ecosystem addresses three key components that when working collectively, can provide results beyond architecture.

People Strategy – Understanding how and where PEOPLE are working while connecting to their own personal passions and the common purpose of the organization. Insight into worker activities and work process coupled with organizational support of employee wellbeing, leads to enhanced performance.

• Technology Strategy – Providing a ROBUST TECHNOLOGY infrastructure and appropriate hardware and software to support fluid communication, operational business needs and workforce choice and control. When technology strategy is not a key driver, the balance of the Optimized Workplace is easily disrupted.

• Space Strategy – The WORKPLACE continues to play an integral role in supporting business, culture and human performance. Organizations’ are re-allocating and re-assessing their real estate portfolios so that their workplace reinforces the overarching business mission while still addressing both the collective and individual needs.

The first component and perhaps the most critical to support culture and human performance is insight into the workforce. Here are some questions to be explored for an affective People Strategy:

“What drives your workforce to come to work each day?” – “When & where is the workforce performing work and where are they most productive?” – “What personal and work commonalities connect the workers to others and to the community?”

Perhaps take a moment today with your own teams and ponder those questions or just simply ask …..Is your organization having dialogue that explores the many parts that make the whole?

Today and in the future, the workforce’s capacity to find their own balance in the workplace through choice and control in conjunction with technology and real estate strategy will define the future of The Optimized Workplace. We will continue explore the key components of The Optimized Workplace and dig deeper into further insights on technology and space strategy. Please join in our ongoing discussion!

October 26th, 2016 | Work It

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