Workplace Transformation is a Journey!


This fall, our Charlotte office capped off our Five Wines Workplace Series with a champagne toast. As we explored our previous Fine Wines topics – Wellbeing, Return on Innovation, Flexibility, Mobility, and Culture, it was clear that leading, managing, and communicating change is paramount to the future of workplace. Our September presentation focused on that subject and highlighted simple strategies that can reduce apprehension and encourage and support the journey!

As part of the dialogue, we reviewed the results from our Change Management Experience survey which was distributed to our Charlotte area peers and clients earlier this summer. These results support best practices and insights to the successes and challenges that come along with transforming the workplace!





Acknowledge that workplace transformation directly impacts the PEOPLE doing the work.

  • Empathy is key.
  • What do people need for this change journey?
  • How will it affect their daily work?
  • Set up the process so that people have the most fun they possibly can!




It’s never too early to PREPARE for the change journey.

  • Preparation is about positioning your organization to be in the best possible situation to make informed plans for the workplace change.
  • Be keenly aware of your culture and people and how “ready” they may be for transition.
  • Anticipate road blocks and possible short cuts!


Remember the 3 C’S – Consistency, Continuity & Communication

  • Consistent messaging aligned with business and organizational vision is key.
  • Create continuous opportunities to engage employees and share progress.
  • Clear communication through multiple methods that reach every level of the organization.
  • When there is transparency integrated within the change process, the result is a positive impact on the people and the work.


Creating celebratory moments for all, HUMANIZES THE WORKPLACE.

  • Acknowledge the collective team’s role.
  • Find ways to honor the role that each member has played.
  • Some are passionate integrators, some reinforce the message and some provide support simply through being open to doing things differently!
  • Celebrate both the small and more significant milestones.


It is as much about the JOURNEY as it is the destination.

  • Changes to physical workspace, technologies, work processes and its impact on people are intricately knit together and should be evaluated as such.
  • Take the opportunity to identify lessons learned and share throughout the process.
  • Change is inevitable and cyclical, document and measure for the next time!



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