Operation Museum Takeover: Recap

Last August, we announced our involvement in the Year of the Engineer initiative at Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, NC.  After months of planning and preparation and even a dry run at our office, Little took over Discovery Place on April 15, 2018 and we had a blast!

Over 60 employees and 65 family members and friends volunteered throughout the day to staff our 12 activity stations. We also had sign-in tables where kids of all ages received a passport to get stamped at the activity stations to earn a prize and take photos at our photobooth.

Museum guests were able to make slime, catapults, rockets, hoop gliders, binary code bracelets, and program robots.  They built structures and simulated an earthquake on the shake table. They learned about electricity, water quality, forces of motion, and the tools that our engineers and architects use.  And they saw how we use virtual reality so that our clients can see and experience how their buildings will look and function.

I’ve been involved in STEM outreach activities for over 10 years, and the impact of this event is by far the biggest that I’ve been a part of – 1,100 people!

And we’re not done yet!  On Saturday, June 9th, all of the Takeover Day companies will be at Discovery Place for the Year of the Engineer culminating event.  So if you missed out on ours or any of the other Takeover Days, or you and your kids had so much fun you want to do it again, this is your chance!  We’ll see you there.


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