Celebrating our Licensed PE’s

The National Society of Professional Engineers has declared today Licensed PE Day to celebrate those of us who have made a commitment to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.  So we celebrate the 34 licensed professional engineers at Little, and some of them would like to share why they became an engineer…

I was an engineer in the military and wanted to continue to do something similar to what I did there. – Matt Schronce, P.E., Electrical Engineer

I became an engineer to have the ability to change the world, one building at a time. – Julisan Wijaya, P.E, Mechanical Engineer

My interest in the engineering profession evolved naturally within the context of family and school pride.  My grandfather, father and brother all were engineers from Georgia Tech.  I only applied to one school. – Kevin Thorstad, P.E., Civil Engineer and Washington, D.C. Office President

Only in Engineering could I use my super-power of obsessive attention to detail to make the world a better place. – Bryan Starr, P.E., S.E., Structural Engineer

I became an engineer because I truly believe everything can be designed better, and I’m intrigued by the challenge to improve on something great. – Tim Waz, P.E., Mechanical Engineer

I was always interested in mechanical devices – engines, cars, clocks, airplanes – and ended up with the equipment that keeps people comfortable where they live, work, learn, and play. – Ken Shappley, P.E., Mechanical Studio Principal

I wanted to be rich. – Dan Gill, P.E., Mechanical Engineer, Partner & Durham Engineering Studio Principal

I always enjoyed taking things apart and trying to put them back together! – Stephen Robey, P.E., Electrical Studio Principal

I became an engineer because back in the day I drew out my LEGO City sets to scale and moved them around on paper before putting them on an old ping pong table (as any efficient engineer would – do it once, do it right!) and my dad said “You should be a civil engineer.”  The rest is history. – Jeff Roman, P.E. – Civil Engineer, Partner & Engineering Practice Leader


At Little, we make investment in our people – providing them with mentoring, professional development and the technology they need to achieve their maximum potential. This is why over 50% of our engineering staff is licensed – earning their P.E. is extremely important.

In honor of #LicensedPEday we thank our 34 licensed engineers who consistently elevate the caliber of design we produce for our clients.

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