How did I get here?

Talking Heads album

You may ask yourself, “…well, how did I get here?”  (Talking Heads reference)

And that is precisely what we should ask to solve for the future!

Many times when our clients’ facilities are bursting at the seams, they engage our skills as Facility Planners to determine how to gain more space. Just short of actual brain surgery, we pry into their psyche to understand their vision for their future and how they want to actually live in their space. We simultaneously slice and dice their headcount forecasts, apply fancy multipliers and add-on factors and assess their current space utilization and efficiency (or lack thereof).

But the most important question we ask our client is, “Well, how did you get here?”

The extent an organization is truly dedicated to properly manage their space, recognize the needs of their employees, and understand the impact space can have on productivity – relates directly to the success of meeting their future vision.

 Evaluating past behaviors allows one to understand where processes enhance or destroy, chaos instills creativity or calamity, or where prohibition breeds discipline or rebellion. Answer the question, “How did I get here?” and you’ll be the master of your universe (or, at least, your portfolio!).

Now, let’s continue singing… “Letting the days go by… let the water hold me down…

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