Celebrating a Mentor


My inaugural post is in celebration of my mentor’s birthday. While there is not a Happy Mentor’s Day, mentors play an important role in peoples lives. While we all perhaps have people that we admire and perhaps even want to emulate, the mentor-mentee relationship grows over time, and is one of mutual respect and hopefully benefits both parties.

My Mentor and I have been a match for over twenty years. He has watched me grow professionally and personally, and I lean on him less and less as the years go by (at least that is my story). Being slightly my senior has allowed my mentor to rely on his own recent experiences to provide relevant wisdom for my indulgence.

At times I questioned the advice such as drawing the same glass vase over and over and over and over again to improve my sketching techniques. And there was the time when I asked him why he did not warn me that raising children was so difficult. He rightfully reasoned that he did not know at the time since his kids were approaching the difficult years when I was just having the little tots. Wise mentor. Mentor even recently helped my daughter by giving her a mock interview for a scholarship she was applying for….and then won. I like to call this second-generation mentoring.

 So, thanks for all of the caring,  Mentor! Happy Birthday!

July 16th, 2012 | P.S.

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