Are you ready to work?

I am sure at one point or another, in life or career, you have asked yourself…”What is my passion? What should I truly be doing in this life?” This is a common discussion I continue to have with my professional peers as well as my closest friends and family. Perhaps your passion is exactly what you doing at this moment…career, family, hobbies etc. or maybe it is not. As I work through my own personal journey and ask this question to myself, I have come to one conclusion that I believe is a common denominator to all. Finding that issue, belief that you are passionate about doesn’t mean that the “work” is done.

In fact, it is the absolute opposite. Coming to the realization of what you love or are meant to be a part of, only means that you will hit brick walls, continue to plow through and have to dig deeper than you ever thought. That is where the fruits of our labor begin to grow. I would pose these questions, “Are you ready to work for your passion?….Are you ready to perhaps reprioritize?… Are you ready to take the extra effort to make a difference in your work & personal life?  This could take many forms, painting through the wee hours, writing even when the writer’s block comes on, listening to the issues of the day even when your tasks seem more important?” Your strong desire and belief in “something”, whatever it is, requires patience, resilience, and “work”.

Are you ready? What are you doing differently, right now, to work for your passion?


July 23rd, 2012 | P.S.

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