Architectural Nirvana

Bell Tower &Cathedral, Welcome Center w/ Tower of Hope in the background, Tower of Hope

If you happen to be visiting Southern California and you are looking to take in some of the local architecture, you may want to consider a place that many have visited for years for more of a traditional nirvanic experience; the site of the Crystal Cathedral.

While Christians have visited the site to attend church services, many have never even known that they are also in the presence of five significant pieces of architecture by three of Americas greatest architects, Richard Neutra, Philip Johnson, and Richard Meier.

The campus of the Crystal Cathedral consists of The Welcome Center, designed in 2003 by Richard Meier, The Crystal Cathedral and Bell Tower, designed in 1980 & 1990 by Philip Johnson,  and the Tower of Hope and Arboretum designed in 1966 & 1962 by Richard Neutra.

One of the things that is so remarkable about the campus is the ability to stand in a centralized plaza formed by architectural significant buildings; you are literally surrounded by architecture that has been performed at it highest degree.

Today, the Dr. Robert Schuller founded church & property has been sold the to the Orange County Catholic Diocese after falling on hard times.  The Orange County Catholic Diocese is in the process of bringing the overall property back to its former glory, and the Crystal Cathedral will be renamed Christ’s Cathedral.

If you get a chance, I would highly recommend a visit where you can enjoy the architecture, sculptures, fountains, and gardens areas.


Crystal Cathedral
12141 South Lewis Street
Garden Grove, CA 92480

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