alphabetical by first name
Anh Tran
Anh is a self-professed design nerd and Girl of All Work for the DC office of Little. Specializing in visioning documentation and analysis and design metrics, Anh is currently pursuing her Master of Architecture degree, with an interest in the effect of culture on expression of built environments. She has a serious vendetta against Comic Sans, and can be found on Twitter as @anharchy.
Ashley Spinks
Ashley spends life looking through a camera...capturing and communicating moments in a new and unfamiliar way. In this means of organizing the world around her, she also found the emotional power of architecture and design. Ashley is an artist, designer, mother and yogi.
Becca Bellamy
Becca is a senior interior designer at Little and is fascinated by the way we interact with Space. She enjoys working on a variety of projects and being involved with all facets of the design process. When not running around in the office, you can find Becca on a mountain bike trail during fine weather or in her painting studio during inclement weather.
Beth Buffington
Beth is an architect at Little who loves creating living and learning environments where college/university students can excel. Now that she’s an empty nester, Beth’s husband keeps encouraging her to spend more time doing other things she enjoys: gardening, bee keeping and traveling. Her three dogs, however, have entirely different plans for her.
Bruce Barteldt
Bruce has advanced as a leader and design thinker with the singular goal of subsidizing his Guitar Acquisition Syndrome (G.A.S.). An avid Space Cadet, living life at the intersection of futurism and realism, Bruce relishes opportunities to reconcile the ridiculous and the sublime – causing his family and Little's Retail Practice, which he leads, great bewilderment and/or entertainment value. And causing Bruce to buy more guitars.
Bryan Starr
Bryan is an engineer by day and superhero dad to his numerous small children by night. While most comfortable at the top of a Colorado mountain (just pick one, he’ll gleefully climb it), he moved back East to reacquaint himself with the land of his forefathers. Bryan joined Little in 2013 as the firm's Structural Engineering Studio Principal.
Carol Rickard
Carol is a blogger and architect at Little. She’s a foodie, and is endlessly curious about how design affects humans, both psychologically and physically, and has a thing for gardens. Carol is President of Little’s DC office. Follow her on Twitter @WineDarkC.
Carrie Estock
Carrie is an interior designer at Little and a green living advocate. She likes to emphasize efficient space planning and creative use of materials/details. A mother of three, Carrie spends her free time coaching soccer, volunteering for the United Way Young Leaders and actively participating in the PTO HUGG (Help Us Go Green) committee she started.
Coby Watts
Coby is a digital artist who believes in a quality product, no hidden agendas and a firm handshake. He thinks in visual terms and seeks to uncover the creative storyline that lives in every project. When not engaged in artistry, Coby enjoys spending quality time fishing with quality people soaking in the quality air.
Dan Gill
As a father of four, softball coach, drummer and husband to a fellow engineer, it's easy to imagine that Dan doesn't have a whole lot of spare time on his hands. But on those rare occasions when the stars align just right, you might be able to find him on the back nine, playing softball or out and about admiring shiny hot rods.
Daniel Montano
Daniel wears many hats – dad, soccer coach, designer, strategist and mentor. When not tinkering in his garden, he is reading the latest futurist book and glued to the science channel. Daniel, who has been seen speaking at retail conferences in Spanish, English…and at times Spanglish, is in search of a unified experience formula to resolve the challenges presented by today’s accelerated rate of change.
Dave Powlen
Dave is a landscape architect who enjoys having the greenest lawn on the block. He is an avid college football fan (Let’s Go PSU!) who still dreams of being the first landscape architect on the moon. David is the Land Development Studio Principal at Little.
Doug Robidoux
Doug has a passion for architecture that is focused on solving his clients’ business needs. A native of the Big Easy, he spends his free time quietly sitting on the sidelines at his kids’ sporting events, fixing all things broken in his tranquil neighborhood or trying desperately to get a small white ball into a tiny hole 400+ yards away with a stick. Doug is president of Little’s Los Angeles office.
Elaine O'Brien
A silent, yet deadly member of Little’s marketing team, Elaine dreams in black and white and Pantone 179. Her workday is filled balancing text, imagery and white space, and playtime consists of annoying Facebook posts of her overweight sausage dog Everett and building crazy-awesome forts with her 5-year-old daughter Lilly.
James Farnell
James is a designer with a passion for creating unique experiences across the world. He enjoys a life informed by his international travels – from his origins in Yorkshire, England to living a coastal lifestyle in Australia, Singapore and now in California. Follow James on Twitter @farnelljames and Instagram @jamesfarnell.
Jason Bizzaro
Jason is the senior architectural visualizer for Little. He communicates ideas by making pictures. When pictures don’t communicate well enough, he makes up new things that will…then makes those things. Jason hopes to, one day, make a thing that will make things for him. Then he’ll just sit back and look at all the things he’s made.
Jeff Roman
Ironically, as a self-proclaimed “non-engineer” engineer, Jeff Roman leads Little’s engineering team. Perhaps this explains his lifelong love of Legos, which he still enjoys with his two young boys. When he’s not rooting for Michigan or Florida (but never Florida State), he can be found winning fantasy baseball or brushing up on his Superman trivia.
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson: design addict, voracious reader, artist, collector, historian, teacher, father of 3. When at his day job leading design at Little, Jim is at the crossroads of strategic thinking, research, education and design and how this leads, informs and creates meaning in the built environment. In other words: do, say and make something that matters!
Jim Williams
Jim is so severely right-brained he tends to lean that direction when he walks. He thinks by drawing and always has a sketchbook (or three) in hand – except when he’s on one of his cycling trips. Jim enjoys imagining with others what’s possible and what he calls “new invention”. He values his family and is proud of his three unique children. Jim, Little’s National Director of Design, is often told that he bears a close resemblance to Zoolander.
John Komisin
John is an architect and President/COO at Little. He seeks truth, beauty and the meaning of life with oil on canvas and numbers on spreadsheets. The constant warring between the two sides of his brain exacts a terrible toll on those around him.
John Walker
John believes the best things in life are simple. He enjoys traveling to see and photograph the natural beauty of America. He thinks all condiments lead to a waste of otherwise perfectly good food (with the obvious exception of BBQ sauce). And he knows the best way to create innovative design is to work with a group of highly talented good people with no egos to get in the way - which is why he has found his home at Little.
Kelley Bozarth
Sketching the world as she moves through it, Kelley lives an action-packed life filled with road trips, skydiving adventures, hiking, cooking and painting. Her background in interior architecture and love of the creative process have led her into a career in environmental graphics.
Kelly Thompson
Beginning her communications career in television broadcasting, Kelly ditched the idea of fame and fortune – but remains convinced that fortune will come from her occasional purchase of a lottery ticket. A member of Little’s marketing team and mom of three tykes, Kelly is known to put on a toe tapping, finger snapping clogging performance when the empty soda cans wedged on her feet fit just right.
Ken Edwards
Ken is an architect by day and a husband and father by night. Although he takes his architect hat off when he gets home, his proclivity for “less is more” is challenged with four females in the house; albeit one is a dog and one is a cat. Ken loves conversation where he can interject his p.u.n.n.y sense of humor and make those around him laugh. When he finds a spare moment or two, he reads, gardens and creates artwork out of wood.
Luis Hernandez
Luis is a “Guajiro” from Camaguey, Cuba who more than 30 years ago gave up a potentially lucrative career as a lounge singer to practice his passion as an interior designer. Avoid his coming to your house, he will rearrange your furniture while muttering in bad Spanish. Luis is Director of Design for Interiors in Little’s Washington, DC office.
Melissa McDougall
As a member of Little’s super creative marketing team, Melissa works best when juggling multiple projects at once, which is ironic because chances are good that she’d be seriously injured by trying to literally juggle anything at all. With a passion for photography and a love for entertaining and all things culinary, she feels most at home as the host of the party.
Nancy Everhart
When not tempering her proclivity to drink the South’s finest sweet tea (with the ever important lemon!), Nancy displaces her passions on other vices such as building her shoe wear collection. She exhibits this same passion at work as Little’s expert in retail banking and other service retail industries, where she is renowned for consistently exceeding client expectations.
Nicole Rehfuss
Nicole is the ultimate consumer and retail is her muse. Visual merchandising, store design, consumer and trend research have been her passion for the last 18 years, helping define many of Little's most successful retail projects…but her three young children hold the key to her heart (and her wallet).
Nikki Mueller
Nikki can usually be found laughing at inappropriate times, making ridiculous facial expressions, conjuring puns and corny jokes... and of course adding creativity to company marketing materials. She is also an avid art-food-music-sports-lover in constant search of the next exhibit, gastropub, indie artist or FIFA World Cup game.
Phil Kuttner
Phil is an architect, husband and father who likes spending time around funny people with big ideas and reading about people who accomplish amazing things. Phil is CEO of Little. Feel free to drop him a line at
Phil Tackett
Phil is the Director of Planning at Little and believes it is an exciting time to work at the intersection of real estate strategy and implementation. When not serving clients, or off on his motorcycle, he serves the non-profit community; including 15 years with The Lupus Foundation and time as a mentor, coach, algebra teacher, builder and more.
Rachel Ritchie
A technology buff schooled in architecture, Rachel's a natural at training, equipping and trouble-shooting IT for the right-brainers at Little. Fortifying others is her forte – whether it’s the architects and engineers at the office or her family. An organic vegetable gardener and fresh creative cook, she also enjoys genealogy research and is an avid world traveler.
Rebecca Sistruck
Rebecca is a Workplace Strategist at Little, always connecting the dots between clients’ business drivers and strategies that support mobility and balance in the workplace. A working mom of two beautiful children, she loves to plan and solve for all the moving parts! Writing and poetry is her new found passion, which goes hand in hand with her preference for the journey over the destination.
Rich Glenny
Rich is a designer who loves to sketch and solve problems. At Little, he gets to do both at the same time as part of the Retail team. Rich finds his inspiration from the arts and the great outdoors.
Roger Wilkerson
A rare Charlotte native with heart that bleeds Clemson orange, Roger is a healthcare principal for Little. When he’s not competing in triathlons, out communing with nature as he hunts or catching up on his reading, he can usually be found by following the sound of laughter coming from his family of six.
Santiago Crespo
Santiago is an amateur geek who aspires to find the meaning of good design by connecting the dots between technology, human behavior and perception. He designs signs, among other things, at his day job as leader of Little’s Branded Graphics team.
Scott Brideau
Scott is Workplace Studio Principal for Little’s Washington, DC office where he is consistently voted “Best Shoes”. An enthusiastic golfer, biker, hiker and somewhat reluctant Masters Rower, he recently picked up his guitar after a 30 year hiatus and is getting the band back together. Scott is on the Advisory Board for Arlington County’s Community Energy Plan and the Sustainability Programs Committee for ULI.
Shana Paschal
Shana is a senior designer at Little with a passion for learning. She is inquisitive about how our built and natural environment teaches us every day. When not gloating about her alma mater LSU winning in football, Shana can be found outside bird watching or teaching kids how to live green.
Shannon Rydell
Shannon is a husband and doting father of two girls … and he also happens to practice architecture. Passionate about education research and design, he leads the College + University Studio in the Charlotte office. His family is his first love, but watching college football is a close second – this often makes for a conflicted Fall season in his house.
Susan Hensey
Susan is a 'fellow' architect with a unique background of using CAFM technology to help big clients manage their facilities. She recently blasted into the blogosphere with posts highlighting her adventures in Southern California, which is a great combo for this witty wine-yoga-family loving hippie-chick who always has a story…or a bazillon to share! (WARNING: She tends to tell the same stories over and over, but they get better every time!) Susan leads Little’s FM Strategies studio.
Tina Howell
Tina is a compulsive indoor cyclist, yoga convert, doting aunt, and avid reader with not enough time to do it. She enjoys clever people (which is why she works at Little), hearty belly laughs, visits to obscure locations and juicy hamburgers. Tina leads Little’s Marketing efforts, and remains intrigued, challenged and motivated by the dynamic nature of her profession.
Tom Balke
When not learning more about how to create truly innovative and inspiring K-12 educational places, Tom is experiencing the boundless wonder of the world around him with wife Sheri and son Ben. As an elementary school student he looked forward to PE class and his PB+J lunch, but these days Tom looks forward to sharing ice cold beverages with friends.
Tom Carlson-Reddig
Tom is an architect, painter, educator and world traveler who has authored and illustrated books on those experiences. He sketches daily, drawing from his experiences, but is always seeking better ways to solve design problems. Though he now carries an iPad, his sketchbook is forever by his side. Tom is a Studio Principal at Little.
Tomas Eliaeson
Tomas, a Design Director at Little, has been a hybrid before hybrid was cool. Born and raised in Spain, with a Scandinavian design-sense through his mother, educated in larger than life Texas and adopted by North Carolina, Tomas utilizes the mix of cultures in the design of community environments, from education to civic. He is highly passionate about the intermingling of design, technology and typology in rethinking environments for the 21st century.
Trey Tillman
Trey is a member of the marketing team with a soft spot for black and white photography, post-modern literature, podcasts and chewy sprees. Although fond of people, he prefers his dog, Peanut, over the vast majority of the population and seeks to add the word anticippointment into the general lexicon.