Just Diagram It

My sketchbooks

I like to draw. Most architects do, but I’ve enjoyed art from an early age and learned to oil paint from my grandmother who lived next door to me when I was in grade school. Some grandmother’s homes smelled like cookies; mine smelled like linseed oil.So, I wasn’t one of those kids who took the Legos or Lincoln Log route to architecture that you hear about. As a kid I went to art camp (which was probably second on the “dork” list to band camp). In college, I only found architecture after taking my first drafting class and transferred into architecture from graphic design (thinking it was a better career choice). READ MORE

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

A short 15 years ago, our industry was a vastly different place. The pavement hadn’t even set on the ‘information highway’, ‘Photoshopped’ and ‘Googled’ weren’t verbs and cartoons were the standard animation. Clients were wowed by our ability to create cutting edge products such as a retouched photograph showing paint options, an interactive presentation, a 3d rendering or even better, virtual walk-throughs. These were so new, in fact, that most clients had to be persuaded to let us run with any of them. They did (thankfully) and the value was soon recognized – so much so that visualization became an expected part of the process. READ MORE

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