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My sketchbooks

I like to draw. Most architects do, but I’ve enjoyed art from an early age and learned to oil paint from my grandmother who lived next door to me when I was in grade school. Some grandmother’s homes smelled like cookies; mine smelled like linseed oil.So, I wasn’t one of those kids who took the Legos or Lincoln Log route to architecture that you hear about. As a kid I went to art camp (which was probably second on the “dork” list to band camp). In college, I only found architecture after taking my first drafting class and transferred into architecture from graphic design (thinking it was a better career choice). READ MORE

Because We’re Houseproud we’re choosing wallpaper…

This was the tagline to a 1950’s ad for Crown Wallpaper.   I’ve always loved photographing wallpaper and believe that when choosing a wallpaper, it’s important to choose something that not only represents you, but will have an effect when you look at it. READ MORE

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Site Inspiration

Fields, 2012 24x48

In 2009, after a twelve year hiatus, I returned to painting. My inspiration: construction sites. When I visit the raw echo-y spaces – the air bitter with gypsum and saw dust, the quiet and concentrated work of the anonymous men in their domed hard hats – I am overcome with the desire to capture that moment. Empty space that is about to become a defined PLACE. Over the years, I found myself habitually taking and collecting photographs from site visits, not sure what I was going to do with them…then, when I attended a workshop at Penland School of Art and Craft in the fall of 2009, I took along my box of photos and almost instinctually began a series of paintings of construction sites.


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