Insights from the college scene…

This weekend I had the good fortune to spend time with my son, who is studying over 2,000 miles away at Auburn University. A senior in the Industrial Design program, he has been working tireless hours in studio, designing, building prototypes, presenting, accepting criticism, and re-designing. What a delight it was to visit with him in his own environment and share in his enthusiasm of his studio projects, professors/peers, promising ‘side’ business and upcoming professional journey. It brought back memories of that pivotal time in one’s life where you transition from student to ‘real life’.


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Higher Education Could Take a Lesson from Corporate Workplace

A contemporary learning environment vs. a more agile workplace environment

 As I toggle back and forth between Corporate Workplace projects and Higher Education projects, I’m struck by the dramatically different pace of evolution in those environments.

Workplaces are evolving to enable new ways of working and collaborating, physically and digitally. Work settings are being customized in real time to adapt to an increasingly social and mobile working environment. Meanwhile, with a few exceptions, higher education classroom buildings remain inflexible and unable to accept change, despite the clear need for varied, scalable learning settings that can change on a semester-to-semester (or even a day-to-day) basis. READ MORE

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