The Story of Credo

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Downtown Credo is a recent client of ours; a not-for-profit business with a small product and a large mission intent on using creativity as a conduit to affect positive change in the community. The name Credo is defined as ‘an idea, or set of beliefs that guides the actions of a person or group’. So what better way to illustrate our focus on storytelling than with a project that’s closely aligned with our own values. Our story of Credo focuses on the power of design to influence the lives of the people we design for … how breakthrough ideas can create a better future. READ MORE

Retail’s Playroom

I used to think that growing up on a cul-de-sac of 15 homes and 35 kids was a strategic decision on my parent’s part to get us out to play daily – and that “play” consisted of freeze tag into the dark hours or doing cartwheels from my house to the corner.  As an adult, “play” is really just one form of entertainment in a hard day’s work.  As consumers, it is increasingly becoming the main reason to explore new brands and products. READ MORE

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The Value of Impromptu Shared Use

Conference Room or Classroom?

It seems like the trend of shared use has gained most momentum among schools and institutions of higher ed. That’s not surprising given that financing can be a major motivator – if a school or university can offer their space to the community then they can partner with public entities to help fund and design the buildings. But, what about impromptu shared use? READ MORE

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Immersive Learning-what?

USS Sturgeon

Have you ever thought about how do you best learn? Where? When?

These are questions that drive me to design educational environments, to research about the brain and its development, to understand what facilitates or impedes in our learning process, to understand how teachers teach and how students learn best, how technology affects and will change the way we learn, and how does the design of a learning environment impact and is impacted by those matters. READ MORE