The Story of Credo

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Downtown Credo is a recent client of ours; a not-for-profit business with a small product and a large mission intent on using creativity as a conduit to affect positive change in the community. The name Credo is defined as ‘an idea, or set of beliefs that guides the actions of a person or group’. So what better way to illustrate our focus on storytelling than with a project that’s closely aligned with our own values. Our story of Credo focuses on the power of design to influence the lives of the people we design for … how breakthrough ideas can create a better future. READ MORE

At Least One These 8 Random Things Will Make Your Life Better

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A few of my favorite web sightings. In no particular order.


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Have a Coke and a Smile

From Creative Excellence to Content Excellence – what you say is as important as how you say it.  The same goes for our design efforts – whether Retail, Corporate or Community.

Inside Coca-Cola’s Content 2020: Encourage Bravery. Bring Clarity in our Thinking. Incubate Creative Ideas. And Create a Culture of Creativity.

This sounds pretty familiar to most of us here at Little.  Think about the creation of stories (storytelling) expressed through every possible connection (or consumer/user touch point). READ MORE

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The Aha! Moment

Last week was Dutch Design Week and as I was leafing through Flipbook, I was intrigued by the variety of innovative designs. Studios, galleries and old converted factories throughout the small town of Eindhoven, Netherlands offer a backdrop for over 300 events and 1800 exhibits. READ MORE

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What is Creativity?


I was recently asked by DDI Magazine to submit a 50 word take on “What is creativity?” …50 words—that’s tough, especially given the breadth of the topic, right? So, naturally I waited until the last minute! “Keep it simple!” said the inner voice… READ MORE

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