Celebrating our Licensed PE’s

The National Society of Professional Engineers has declared today Licensed PE Day to celebrate those of us who have made a commitment to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.  So we celebrate the 34 licensed professional engineers at Little, and some of them would like to share why they became an engineer…


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Operation Museum Takeover: Recap

Last August, we announced our involvement in the Year of the Engineer initiative at Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, NC.  After months of planning and preparation and even a dry run at our office, Little took over Discovery Place on April 15, 2018 and we had a blast!


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Operation Museum Takeover


Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, NC, has launched the Year of the Engineer.  During the 2017-18 school year, they aim to have 250 engineers create 2,500 unique STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) experiences that will impact 250,000 guests at Discovery Place.  And Little will be playing a big role in helping them achieve those impacts.


Teachers Take a Break from Their Typical Summer Break

Most teachers have the summer off and spend that time NOT thinking about the upcoming school year (I know, I’m married to one.)  But that was not the case for two teachers from Rock Hill Schools in South Carolina, at least for the week they spent at Little on a STEM externship…

Screenshot 2016-07-24 13.16.30


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High School Teams Design Renewable Energy Cities

If you were looking to have your faith restored that the next generation will make a difference in the world, you didn’t have to look further than the teams of high school students at an Engineering Expo that I recently had the honor of judging.



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LID Part 2: A.D.I.D.A.S.


I recently attended the North Carolina Low Impact Development Summit held in Raleigh, NC, where I learned, among many things, that the faculty and students at NC State made shirts that turned ADIDAS into an acronym: All Day I Dream About Stormwater.  While I don’t ADIDAS, I do have a passion for the topic of LID, and wanted to share some of what I learned at the summit. READ MORE

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Eweek: Girls put the “G” in Engineer


This week is National Engineers Week, or Eweek for short.  Part of Eweek is introducing girls to STEM careers.  So I asked the women in our Engineering and Land Development Studios to take part in a Q&A and offer their insight about why they pursued a STEM career, their school experience, and how we can increase the number of women in STEM fields.


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Of Bill, Engineering, and an Old Department Store

Photo Credit:Ackroyd Photography

I started at Little just weeks before our founder, Bill Little, passed away, and I was disappointed not to have met him in person. And yet in many ways I have both met him and begun to know him. I see his influence throughout the company – in our vision, our values, our passions, and our people.

The way in which everyone at Little has responded to Bill’s passing shows how much he was truly loved. He devoted himself to investing in people and listening to his clients. He left a legacy that still lives in the company today, in “Results Beyond Architecture” and in the company’s drive to develop breakthrough ideas that both improve the performance of our clients and create a better future for us all. READ MORE