The Birth of an Idea

Exploding Light Bulb

An idea can be a powerful thing. Like a seed, it can implant and grow over time, digging deep into its hosts’ psyche and if we’re lucky, growing as fast as the pesky red-tip photinia in my front yard. An idea has the power to change minds, to change history even, and is perfectly capable of sparking innovation under the right circumstances.


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Trends and Influencers
RDI 2016_45 Awards Entries_JF Extract.005

Innovations Award for Visual Merchandising by Kikki.K, London, United Kingdom

Our Brand Experience Studio recently curated a collection of stores that identify emerging global retail trends, referencing benchmark projects conceived at the intersection of visionary and ambitious thinking. The examples explore innovative and award-winning approaches, technologies and materials that make up todays retail environments and we invite you to view the presentation online. Before you do, a little background and some highlights on the Retail Design Institute’s 45th International Store Design Competition & Gala celebrating those influencing our Industry …


How Can You Maximize Your Largest Investment?

ROI_Return on Innovation FINAL

Workplace professionals from all over the world emerged in Denver last month to attend World Workplace 2015.  The theme of this year’s conference was focused on a central message “Collaborate to Innovate”.  More than 4000 attendees from over 40 countries gathered to share thought leadership and attend immersive learning sessions ranging from Innovation in the Workplace, Wellness, Sustainability, Workplace Strategies, to day to day Facility Management.    READ MORE

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Co-authored by Elizabeth Unruh



A wildly diverse, multi-disciplinary global design firm known for breakthrough ideas that create a better future for people.

-Little’s Vision


LaceUp connects the initiative of individuals with the firm’s drive toward breakthrough ideas by awarding time and money for targeted exploration. Made up of three different “speeds” – Walk, Sprint, and Marathon – LaceUp mini-grants make available the necessary resources for independently driven ideation, collaboration, and habitual breakthrough thinking. READ MORE

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The Aha! Moment

Last week was Dutch Design Week and as I was leafing through Flipbook, I was intrigued by the variety of innovative designs. Studios, galleries and old converted factories throughout the small town of Eindhoven, Netherlands offer a backdrop for over 300 events and 1800 exhibits. READ MORE

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Moments of Learning

“I believe innovation is our destiny and must be part of a corporate culture.”   – Gary Shapiro

Innovation, Failure and Corporate Culture, the title of a recent article in Forbes, made me reflect on what it means to take risks, to fail, to be – dare we say – vulnerable in the pursuit of Innovation. READ MORE

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