Building Better Lives

An inviting exterior maximizes natural daylighting to the interior while providing shelter from the bright Californian sunshine.

A progressive credit union with a mission squarely focused on helping their members build better lives, Wescom is closely aligned with Little’s own vision to provide breakthrough ideas that create a better future for people. We recently collaborated to design a unified service experience that improves their visibility, grows membership and provides a differentiated experience for Wescom’s local members.


Guide to Easier Living

I recently came across the book Guide to Easier Living by Mary and Russel Wright. Originally printed in the 1950’s it provides a glimpse into domestic life of that period while also presenting strategies for simpler living. The Russel Wright Design Center notes that the book “offered readers a declaration of independence from convention, rejecting the dogma of ‘etiquette despots’ like Emily Post. Defining the way Americans live even today, Russel and Mary Wright wrote, ‘Good informal living substitutes a little headwork for a lot of legwork. It doesn’t need wealth, but it does take thought, some ingenuity and resourcefulness, and more than a little loving care to create a home that is really your own.’ ”


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Because We’re Houseproud we’re choosing wallpaper…

This was the tagline to a 1950’s ad for Crown Wallpaper.   I’ve always loved photographing wallpaper and believe that when choosing a wallpaper, it’s important to choose something that not only represents you, but will have an effect when you look at it. READ MORE

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