Building Better Lives

An inviting exterior maximizes natural daylighting to the interior while providing shelter from the bright Californian sunshine.

A progressive credit union with a mission squarely focused on helping their members build better lives, Wescom is closely aligned with Little’s own vision to provide breakthrough ideas that create a better future for people. We recently collaborated to design a unified service experience that improves their visibility, grows membership and provides a differentiated experience for Wescom’s local members.


Graphics Can Play a LEED Role

As an environmental graphic designer at a multidisciplinary (but primarily architecture) firm, I’m somewhat outnumbered in my LEED credit contributions on most projects. Sure, there are alternatives to some of the environmentally awful products typically used in graphics, and most typical methods and materials are at least somewhat aware of their impact, but when you’re applying branded graphics and signage to a 9 story building, full of HVAC calculations, sunlight + wind considerations, low-flow this and that, and thousands of tons of concrete, flooring + furniture, is fighting the fight for eco-friendly signage worth the battle? Such is the attitude we’re all forcing ourselves away from. READ MORE

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What Does it Look Like?

A sustainable community, that is.

I served on panel last week with the topic of “Building Sustainable Communities”, sponsored by the American Sustainable Business Council. The panel explored the components that comprise a healthy community and economy, and how public policy encourages or inhibits the outcome. As the architect on the panel comprised primarily of entrepreneurs and leaders in various corporate and non-profit sectors, I was tasked with exploring the physical components that foster vibrant sustainable communities. READ MORE

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LEED? Sure. But then what?


This is the first installment of a multi-part series of commentary on the evolution of sustainability and the role of the design and construction industry in that evolution.

Since its beginnings in 1998, the USGBC has made steady strides in the strength and relevance of its various certification tracks (professionally, and certifications for buildings), and in becoming the default standard for sustainable design in the US. There continue to be other programs that compete for recognition, such as Green Globes, and new ones that are still being developed, like Living Buildings, but for now those haven’t gained the foothold that LEED has in the public consciousness. READ MORE

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How Green Was My Valley?

How Green Was My Valley?, 1941 Movie Poster

No, I’m not talking about the iconic 1941 movie that beat out better known competition, including Citizen Kane and The Maltese Falcon, to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.  I’m talking about the sustainable legacy that each of us will leave at the end of our careers. 

How green will the valley be at the end of my watch?


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