“OJT” – Life Lessons in the Workplace, Volume 2: The Tripper and Nevada Coates

I think it was that mental image of Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) driving down Highway 1 in California in the convertible – a freshly minted “Graduate” blasting recklessly through life on the stunning coast of California. That was the subliminal push that caused me to turn down a compelling but low paying offer to teach English and coach football at my high school alma mater. Fresh out of college and with no particular vocational calling or direction, I received an alternative offer. It was an out of the blue call from my gregarious uncle in California and his offer was to join him in his startup company, building and marketing his invention: the “Tripper”. READ MORE

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“O.J.T”: Life Lessons in the Workplace, Volume 1

This post is the first in a series exploring lessons learned over a long, successful career.  Every situation in life has something to teach us as long as we’re paying attention. Enjoy!

Having been self-employed for a quite number of years, it was a significant turning point in life to receive my first “real job” offer – moving to the world of the W4 and W2. Just to clarify, those self-employment gigs consisted of a mix of lawn mowing, snow shoveling, baby sitting and collecting pop bottles to redeem for cash. READ MORE

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Goldilocks and the Three Firms

Once upon a time, there was a young designer, bright-eyed and new to the working world. She put a portfolio together, sent out a few resumes, bought a very grown-up power suit (the kind grown-ups wear) and went for a few interviews.

Pretty soon, she came upon a job offer and accepted it right away. The firm was verrrry small and felt like home. Everyone knew everyone, and they all wore several hats. But pretty soon, the designer started to ask some questions… READ MORE

Lessons from Bill

Bill Little, our founder, has taught us many lessons over the course of many years. At first blush, his advice wasn’t always brand new or paradigm shifting – but the way he drove his message home was – which is why we remember them still today. Bill was making ideas sticky before we even knew what that meant… and way before we had blogs to talk about it. READ MORE

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What I’ve Learned From My Dogs

As Director of HR for a large firm, people often ask me for advice about issues at work and outside of work.  Believe it or not, some of the best lessons I’ve learned have actually come from observing my dogs. 

Olive and Bridget, an inseparable pair, see every day as an adventure.  They have taught me so much and make me strive to be as good a person as they think I am.  Although I must admit I don’t always succeed, my dogs inspire me to try to live by these tried and true rules:  READ MORE

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