Building Better Lives

An inviting exterior maximizes natural daylighting to the interior while providing shelter from the bright Californian sunshine.

A progressive credit union with a mission squarely focused on helping their members build better lives, Wescom is closely aligned with Little’s own vision to provide breakthrough ideas that create a better future for people. We recently collaborated to design a unified service experience that improves their visibility, grows membership and provides a differentiated experience for Wescom’s local members.


The Story of Credo

Photo Credit: Caio Freitas

Downtown Credo is a recent client of ours; a not-for-profit business with a small product and a large mission intent on using creativity as a conduit to affect positive change in the community. The name Credo is defined as ‘an idea, or set of beliefs that guides the actions of a person or group’. So what better way to illustrate our focus on storytelling than with a project that’s closely aligned with our own values. Our story of Credo focuses on the power of design to influence the lives of the people we design for … how breakthrough ideas can create a better future. READ MORE

The Birth of an Idea

Exploding Light Bulb

An idea can be a powerful thing. Like a seed, it can implant and grow over time, digging deep into its hosts’ psyche and if we’re lucky, growing as fast as the pesky red-tip photinia in my front yard. An idea has the power to change minds, to change history even, and is perfectly capable of sparking innovation under the right circumstances.


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Trends and Influencers
RDI 2016_45 Awards Entries_JF Extract.005

Innovations Award for Visual Merchandising by Kikki.K, London, United Kingdom

Our Brand Experience Studio recently curated a collection of stores that identify emerging global retail trends, referencing benchmark projects conceived at the intersection of visionary and ambitious thinking. The examples explore innovative and award-winning approaches, technologies and materials that make up todays retail environments and we invite you to view the presentation online. Before you do, a little background and some highlights on the Retail Design Institute’s 45th International Store Design Competition & Gala celebrating those influencing our Industry …


Caution: Trend Bender Ahead


My iPhone alarm goes off.  I open one eye to turn it off.  While still waking up and still horizontal (portrait orientation-lock changed my life), I repeat this ritual: scan my email, a semi-conscious cyclopian student of retail. With zero filters to block the flow of information from directly flooding my neocortex, I thumb through a half dozen retail industry news feeds that say the same thing: Online, Ecomm, Social Media, Big Data…. blah, blah, blah…zzzz. Hit the snooze button for nine more. READ MORE

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Get Noticed Now! 5 Steps for Spring Cleaning

Little (circa 2008)

For some, snow still blankets the ground while for others; tulips are promising signs of spring. Warmer weather seems to be the best excuse to meet up with friends at the local cafe, start a new workout routine and by all means, reward yourself with some new spring clothes! After all – we could all use a little pick-me-up now and then.

Now that you are motivated for some change, consider what this means for your business. READ MORE

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It’s Super-Real

Hey, did you see Tintin?

If you did, I hope you agree that it is an awesome step in the evolution of digital cartoons. I took my kids to see it at the theatre and I sat between them to keep the peace. At a particularly energetic passage halfway through the movie, I leaned over to my daughter to my right and whispered, “what do you think?” READ MORE

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A “Type A” Girl in a Retail World

Source: m. sinjela

A double-edged sword. A blessing and a curse. Call it what you may, but having a Type A personality can make you crazy.

The extent of my Type A-ness became more apparent after college when, living on my own for the first time, a neighbor commented on the extreme orderliness of my apartment. It was just (very) tidy in my opinion, but her immediate ‘are you for real?!’ facial expression needed no accompanying verbal commentary. READ MORE

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