Our 2016 Virtual Guide to New York’s Best Retail



Who would have thought it – a Brit, living in California, guiding hundreds of visitors around NYC. For the second year in a row, I was invited to present at NRF’s 105th Annual Convention & EXPO last month. The event boasts more than 33,500 attendees, miles of EXPO, mind-bending technology and dozens of thought-leadership sessions. I took the opportunity to invite three retail brands to join me on stage – Chris Derringer, IT Leader at Microsoft Retail, Nick Stowe, CEO of Nixon and Jonathan Luster, Vice President Market and Concept Development at Lowes, each offering our attendees a unique perspective and insight. READ MORE

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The “Smart” Shopper

Years ago, apparel retailer Sy Syms advertised, “… Where an educated consuma is our best customa!” Even with today’s ‘adolescent’ smartphones, I’d bet Mr. Syms would cringe at how educated shoppers can become while standing in front of his racks. Imagine just a few years from now what advancements in both handhelds and apps (that offer more than gimmicks) will do to transform a curious customer’s experience. What would Sy say then? “Oye!” READ MORE

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