Teachers Take a Break from Their Typical Summer Break

Most teachers have the summer off and spend that time NOT thinking about the upcoming school year (I know, I’m married to one.)  But that was not the case for two teachers from Rock Hill Schools in South Carolina, at least for the week they spent at Little on a STEM externship…

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High School Teams Design Renewable Energy Cities

If you were looking to have your faith restored that the next generation will make a difference in the world, you didn’t have to look further than the teams of high school students at an Engineering Expo that I recently had the honor of judging.



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Back to School


It’s official, summer is over – SCHOOL IS NOW IN SESSION.  As I dropped my kids off in carpool this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder how chaotic households across the nation were coping with the traditions (and stress) of this eventful day.  The obligatory pictures of the kids decked out with new backpacks and shockingly bright sneakers, the last minute panic that some important notebook was somehow forgotten, and yes … the ABSURD amount of traffic you have to endure – all of these fears and celebrations are part of the right of passage into another year.  If you are like me, it was a bittersweet sendoff today … sorry to see my kids growing another year older, yet simultaneously savoring the chance to have the structure of our family schedules restored. READ MORE

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On the Road with the Immersive LearningScape

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to present a topic that I’m really passionate about at two conferences. What began as a thought leadership exploration a couple of years ago about how learning spaces can better adapt to the multitudes of pedagogies and learning methods being used today has led to white papers, articles and multiple speaking engagements focused on a new learning environment I’ve written about here called the Immersive LearningScape. READ MORE

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Take a Hike (Playing Hooky)

Kings Mountain State Park

About twice a year, my friend Ron Gulledge and I will do what we call “Playing Hooky.”  Like when you were in high school and skipped a day, we will take a day off on a Friday to take a hike and get back to nature.

This past Friday, we went to Kings Mountain National Park. In this day and age of the high pressure workplace and being overwhelmed by technology, these hooky days have had a recharging affect. Nature has a way to bring peace and calm to you through its wonders, simplicity, beauty, and solitude. We learn, reflect, observe, exercise, and remind ourselves there is a whole world out there that is often ignored. READ MORE

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School and Community Engagement: Conference Recap

Recently, I attended the NC Education Summit on School & Community Engagement in Greensboro, NC. It was my first time attending this event and I found the sessions informative and enlightening. A few highlights of what I heard include: READ MORE

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