High School Teams Design Renewable Energy Cities

If you were looking to have your faith restored that the next generation will make a difference in the world, you didn’t have to look further than the teams of high school students at an Engineering Expo that I recently had the honor of judging.



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LID Part 2: A.D.I.D.A.S.


I recently attended the North Carolina Low Impact Development Summit held in Raleigh, NC, where I learned, among many things, that the faculty and students at NC State made shirts that turned ADIDAS into an acronym: All Day I Dream About Stormwater.  While I don’t ADIDAS, I do have a passion for the topic of LID, and wanted to share some of what I learned at the summit. READ MORE

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Graphics Can Play a LEED Role

As an environmental graphic designer at a multidisciplinary (but primarily architecture) firm, I’m somewhat outnumbered in my LEED credit contributions on most projects. Sure, there are alternatives to some of the environmentally awful products typically used in graphics, and most typical methods and materials are at least somewhat aware of their impact, but when you’re applying branded graphics and signage to a 9 story building, full of HVAC calculations, sunlight + wind considerations, low-flow this and that, and thousands of tons of concrete, flooring + furniture, is fighting the fight for eco-friendly signage worth the battle? Such is the attitude we’re all forcing ourselves away from. READ MORE

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If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put a LID On It…

LID. In Beyonce’s world, it probably stands for Lovely Irresistible Denim. But in our world, it stands for Low Impact Development. It was the subject of an all-day seminar I co-presented in Florida last week with a college professor of mine. And no, it’s not just for the single ladies… READ MORE

So, What Would You Say…You Do Here?

Being one of the newest kids on the block at has its advantages. I can ask not-so-smart questions (some might call them dumb, which I don’t take personally) and get away with it – at least for a month or so. Of course my intent is to learn as much as I can about my peers, the industries and markets we operate in, and most importantly, the clients we serve before tackling the exciting opportunities that lie ahead of me. READ MORE

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Dylan, ever the provocateur.  All these years I thought that this was a war protest song, when obviously he was referring to alternative energy sources! I was recently in our LA office and heading the next day to a conference in Palm Springs.  One of my colleagues told me that I’d be driving through a big wind farm.  I asked how large it was and she replied, “It definitely goes on for a while.” READ MORE

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LEED? Sure. But then what?


This is the first installment of a multi-part series of commentary on the evolution of sustainability and the role of the design and construction industry in that evolution.

Since its beginnings in 1998, the USGBC has made steady strides in the strength and relevance of its various certification tracks (professionally, and certifications for buildings), and in becoming the default standard for sustainable design in the US. There continue to be other programs that compete for recognition, such as Green Globes, and new ones that are still being developed, like Living Buildings, but for now those haven’t gained the foothold that LEED has in the public consciousness. READ MORE

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