Greening the Walls

Source: The Contemporist

Sprouting from the green roof concept, green walls are beginning to show up in all kinds of project types in almost every market.  The idea is to soften the appearance of the façade while also introducing an artistic element onto the building.  These designs are truly evolving works of art because as the plants grow, the design can (and often does) change.  Seasonal foliage changes can make a big difference as well. READ MORE

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REsetting REtail

Three generations ago, the choices for purchasing, say… a wrench, were limited, at least by today’s standards. You went to the hardware store, looked at the selection on the wall and picked the one that matched your needs and wallet. Today, a visit to the hardware store is just one option out of many as an ever increasing number of choices become a part of consumer’s lives. We can opt for a home-delivered catalogue, use our smart phone, ipad or personal computer, visit an in-store digital kiosk, etc. As a consequence, store sales continue to decrease. In 2012 the online channel will account for approximately 38% of US retail sales, or 1.2 Trillion dollars.


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Trend Acceleration



We are often asked by our clients to help them evolve. Of course we love the challenge! But it is even more challenging these days-perhaps more so than in the past 100 years, the face of retail is changing dramatically. No single catalyst can be identified as a cause, rather a series of semi-coincident events and phenomena have conspired to shift shopping behaviors:


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The Power of Community, Part II: Motomethod


Located in Vancouver, Canada, this repair shop is not like your local mechanic. Instead of just sitting in a drab waiting room, you can watch the work as it is completed and feel free to ask the mechanic questions. If you are feeling brave, you also have the option of working on your bike at their shop for an annual fee. All of the shop tools, lifts, and parts are available to you, just as if you were another employee. The local technicians are always on hand in case you need some help or advice. READ MORE

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The Power of Community, Part One: CrossFit

Photo source: Eastside Crossfit

You have probably driven by quite a few Crossfit gyms, potentially without having any idea as to what they are. In the simplest terms, it is a back-to-basics exercise regimen. But in many ways it is a lot more than just a place to work out. People from all walks of life come together and do workouts as a group, not individually. These group workouts can be competitive, but at the same time CrossFit members are known for cheering each other on throughout the workout and for celebrating each other’s progress. READ MORE

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